It’s time for another: Tip o’ The Stetson!!!

For the Muffin Spoiler.

It’s almost been a whole month of goodness (!) time flies when you’re having FUN!!!! I thought I would take this lovely afternoon to throw a quick shout out to Angry Baby’s Pops, my L4L. You know who you are!

I’m a creative type. Meaning, I have neat ideas, but I don’t mind with “the details.” Real Talk: I’m a lazy skank. Many of you know, to be a success, you have to see things through CORRECTLY… “devil’s in the details.” That’s where L4L comes in.

He’s all about the details. Like the way my site looks? He did it. Sure I was there to throw in my “meh, eh, and uh’s” But he did the hard work. Not the FUN stuff like reading about nitwits, posting weird videos, swapping Momgyver tips and writing nonsense, that’s aaaall me and YOU!

So if you would please, on this fine afternoon give a round of fake silent applause for Lover fo’ Life. He’s a rad dad with whom I could NEVER be mad. HEY, it’s MY SITE I CAN POST WHAT I WANT. (No matter how sappy, lame or brilliant.)

Tip o’ The Stetson to you, LOVER FO’ LIFE!!!!


Everyone who’s gagging right now, allow me to torture you further…


It’s time for another: Tip o’ The Stetson!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Awwww. Thanks CK! Im glad you are having so much fun with the site and its giving you an outlet for all your creative musings. I am happy to help where I can!!! Love you!

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