Uncle G$ loves the kitties!!!! (getyourmindoutofthegutter)

We love him back!

 Angry Baby, Lover fo’ Life and I were treated to the company of Uncle G$ last night, he’s got some exciting new things possibly on his horizon, and we were celebratin’!

Since you are just being introduced to Uncle G$ let me give you some details, he’s a wall of muscle and brawn, who actually introduced me to the EXTREME(!) way of life, so I will forever be in his debt. Because of his massive strength and mighty mitts (sorry ladies- he’s taken,) every time he holds Angry Baby, he becomes a quivering mound of nerves.  SPOILER ALERT: She’s as sturdy and hardy as YOU are! What’s that G? Ok, you DO have a point she DOES like to wiggle.  

As our evening of fun and frippery ended, G$ told us about the project he just finished building: CAT SHELVES FOR HIS LIVING ROOM!!!!! I almost spit my Yoo-Hoo(!) out when he showed me his masterpiece. Not from the glory of his love for felines, but BECAUSE HE WAITED SO LONG TO TELL ME!  Here’s how it should have gone.

Cat Shelves, a Play

Written By The Crib Keeper:

Uncle G$: What’s up ya’ll? Hey there Angry Baby! LOVING the site, Crib Keeper!

Us: Howdy, Howdy! Thanks!

Uncle G$: HAY! I’ve got some awesome news, a potential HUGE opportunity!


Uncle G$: But first, I have to tell you about the greatest construction product ever executed in the history of construction, seriously, it makes the pyramids look like dog turds… I’VE BUILT CAT SHELVES FOR MY LIVING ROOM!

Us: No Way! We have to share this with the WORLD!!!!!!!

Angry Baby starts dancing the Cabbage Patch and the sound of kitties meowing plays in lieu of applause. FIN

Behold, knickknacks you can cuddle!

The Glowing Green Eyes Can See YOU right now.

Cat shelves!!!!!!!!!!I wonder if I can get some of these built for Angry Baby….oh G$!? Could I ask you a favor, kind sir.

PS: This is totally an OH SNAP! Shot!

(thanks Uncle G$!!! Congrats on that thing that may or may not happen with that place!)

Here’s a clip just for you CAT LOVERS!


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