The EXTREME Heat is on it’s way!

Water, I need Water!

Angry Baby has no tolerance for being warm. She likes it ICE ICE BABY TOO COLD. 

 True story: If it gets 75 or above, she will wake up MID NAP! I do anything and everything to keep my lil’ firecracker cool as a cucumber, even if it means keeping Angry Baby Manor COOL AS ICE. It should come as no surprise that she IS HOT BLOODED, but I’m getting more concerned by the day and it’s only MAY (cheesy rhyme and it stays.)

Over 75 degrees? Angry Baby will immediately flush and start sweatin’, why even her little toosties sweat bullets (just like dear-ol mom!) She has outside time everyday, and I don’t want to stop her exploration of the world just because the heat is on the street.

All yuk-yuks aside. I am really worried. REAL TALK: I’m actually a bit scared. This has been a year of EXTREME (not in a good way) WEATHER, and being as we’re already hitting the “feels like outside” temps in the hundreds, (I live in a veddy humid place) I can only see it getting worse.

In Houston, every day feels like a mouth.Try this for me: Put your index finger in your mouth and close, but don’t let your finger touch anything. Feel the ambient temp of your mouth? Welcome to outside my door. That’s what it feels like ALL THE TIME, now add gobs of sunshine, no rain and EXTREME HEAT(!) and you’ve got a recipe for one sweaty, red, Angrier Baby. Starting Monday, I’m taking her swimming daily.

Parents of children who have survived a HOT summer with your young ‘uns: what are some heat beating tips or tricks you might have in that Swiss Diaper Bag of yours? I’m all ears. 

 The HEAT IS ON (its way!) PS: is the sax player a lady or a dude?

And because my Angry Baby is HOT BLOODED! (PS: The old lady at the very end IS A TRUE HERO!!!!)

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