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Existing Members of TTAS: Grab your bubble pipe, your velvet blazer and meet me in the conservatory. New recruits and converts: Welcome! Right this way…

Good Morning fellow Timberlake fans, HOW ‘BOUT THAT EPISODE OF SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE?!!

I am but a humble, non-braggart. I don’t believe in saying things such as “I was right!” and “TOLD YOU SO!” or even “TOLD YOU SO! I was right, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ROCKED THE HAIL OUTTA SNL!” Nope, not me, I’m far too classy to rub things in people’s faces (getyourmindoutofthegutter.)

And now, let us delve into last night’s episode of SNL, hosted by JT. Bit by bit, nugget by golden nugget. As always, you are free to throw your 10 cents in.

Cold Opening: Prison skit. Loved the juxtaposition of Rikers inmates discussing economic theory. Favorite joke: “All it takes to make Germans smile is half a sausage and milk.” (I’m sure the Germans have a word for that.)


For starters, I LOVE that the Audience gave him his due and cheered forever for him right upfront! The song he sang was funny and sounded great. “Not gonna do that thing where my voice goes high…” I love that he knows he’s annoying to 1/2 of America, and he pokes fun at himself with such ease. Being able to laugh at yourself is an endearing quality that makes even the biggest d-bag, jerk or idiot more charming.

Liquorville Skit:

OMG! Timberlake as a promotional mascot is my FAVORITE skit that he does, I loved the Omeletteville, Homelessville, Plasticville and now: LIQUORVILLE! K-Wiig as a Tea Bag and JT as a bottle of beer…Comedy classic! Add a surprise Lady Gaga cameo throw in a duet between the two with, “Endless Buzz,” and I am a happy viewer. This was truly a sign of wonderful things to come.

The Herb Skit (Old News Dude):

I love me some Bill Hader, he can (usually) do no wrong. This was a misfire, I’m not a Hader hater, but the skit went too long and the microphone gag got old. Fast.

Digital Short:

My two favorite 90’s clothing enthusiasts return! The Golden Rule, while funny was no Motherlover. The costumes were hilarious! I laughed at the short, but I wasn’t immediately searching to download it like with the two previous. It must be said: the overalls, leather tracksuits  and Gaga’s bikershorts/stonewashed denim combo were priceless! It’ll do.

Gaga performance #1 Note: I’m doing a separate post on Lady G’s performances.

Weekend Update:

My standout was “Really!? With Seth,” I always love this segment and it was exactly what I was thinking about the whole Schwarzenegger scandal. Also: Shout out to STEPHAN (love Hader!)

What’s my Name?

Ok. Gaga has the chops to host, I get it. Sorry Gagalicious but JT doesn’t need a WING WOMAN.

That said: I laughed out loud when JT said the name “Charty.” This skit was supercute, would’ve loved to see a few more of the JT not remembering people/  he’s a jerk jokes.

BTW: I totally knew former NSYNC-er Chris Kirkpatrick’s name (what’s WRONG with me!)

 Creepy Carnival Ride

This is the 2nd time this Carnival ride has been shown, while the first one was a horror skit, this time it  had a happy ending…literally. The point of these is not to make you chuckle, it’s to  showcase the physical comedy of the animatronic dudes. I was impressed. I love all things creepy and totally would marry robot JT. My lover for life should be fine with that, as it’s only a ROBOT!

Gaga performance #2 See next post

The Barry Gibb Talk Show:

This was the PERFECT “palate cleanser” to Gaga’s shenanigans (see next post.)

Miracles of Miracles, Jimmy Fallon didn’t break character! Aww, I’m kinda sad that our little Jimmy has grown up and earned holding character chops from his Late Night with Jimmy Fallon gig!! I love this skit. “I’m Barry F-in’ Gibb!” But the host with the most, always steals Barry’s show with his indian corn toothed, slack-jawed moron brother co-host.

In short, it was a home-run worth the YEARS wait. I love Justin Timberlake as a performer and comedian. Sorry remaining JT haters, but you just need to get with it and realize he is a TRIPPLE THREAT! And a talent that is here to stay. If you had zillions of dollars and escorted nothing but hot ladies around and had youth, charm and good looks on your side, would YOU be able to openly laugh at yourself and look like an idiot at the cost of some ha-has? That’s why you can hate on him and make jokes about him, but make no mistake, he’s already beat you to the punchline.

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  1. I LOVE JT! I have loved JT for a very long time. Liquorville was fantastic! The whole show was just awesome. Lately, they haven’t been putting the host in a lot of sketches, so I’m glad to see that they know JT can hang and made him the show.

  2. I love this man so so so much! He can do no wrong. I didn’t love the digital short this time but after DIAB & Mother Lover I don’t see how they’ll be able to top themselves. His opening monologue was perfection and I loved the make him look like a jackass game show bit. Love love love him. 🙂

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