I can tell you’re stressed…

Rick wants to make it all better.


It’s the middle of the afternoon, the weekend is so close but seems so far away, not that you’re going to enjoy it, because you’re going to be crammed in a gas guzzling (but oh so comfy!) SUV with your baby for 12+ hours in ONE DAY…

You know what? The Crib Keeper was muttering about her own stress, you just go back to, forget it.

Meet Rick…

Rick can see the stress pouring out of your stressed pores. He wants to lick the stress off of you, like an attentive cat. Let Rick do his thing so you can go back to NOT stressing about that other thing. Rick brought his kitty, her name is Lady. I know what you’re thinking: What a sexist jerk, naming a cat Lady…all I’m going to say is: get your mind out of the stress-induced gutter.

Shhh, Rick wants you to listen to Lady purrr. So calm, quiet and soft, listen to her motor run…You hear that? It’s the sound of Rick’s heavy breathing  a stressed fox (or hunk) on the other side of this computer screen relaxing. Let’s just enjoy this quiet, stress-free moment. Imagine Rick’s bushy, yet perfectly manicured moustache tickle your entire body as he and Lady, lick the stress from your stressed pores. Figuratively, of course*.

FYI: Rick’s totally open to personal office/home demonstrations.

*Unless you’re into that.

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