This’ll put some zip in your Miracle Whip!

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Well, I don’t know about you but I find my life has a limitless capacity for wacky hi-jinx and nutty junk. I’m finding this afternoon to be a bit lacking in the zany department so I am remedying that for us with ZANY JAPANESE GAME SHOW CLIPS!

A Nutshot Gameshow (The Crib Keeper’s personal favorite!)

Stacking Food on Animals Gameshow

Lizard Gameshow

Ahhhhh Much better. It feels more “normal”now!

(Sign Photo courtesy of Seriously Japan)


This’ll put some zip in your Miracle Whip! — 1 Comment

  1. Re: the toilet sign. Is this demonstrating to men that the only proper way to use the toilet is to sit on it?? If that is the case, I feel this may need an in-depth post of it’s own. I will reserve my opinion, but I’d like to hear more from your female readers’ perspectives.

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