Takin’ it to the streets.

Limber up and run with it, Kiddies.

 Monday marked the 2 week anniversary of grouchymuffin.com’s first POST! Today, we are past 3,000 visits!!!! Until now, there has been no push to spread the word, as we were just getting acquainted. Starting today, I am going to ask you to POST A LINK to us!  When we hit our 1st 1000, I said “Let’s see where this goes,” and we’re ALREADY off the charts from our original expectations here at Grouchy Muffin HQ!!! 

Simply put, if you like what we are doing here, the cut-ups, the goof-offs, the yuk yuks, real talk, even the misery stories of angry baby…SHARE US. I did some test links on all sorts of places, and each has given me at least a few visitors, so wherever you go, if it feels right, drop a www.grouchymuffin.com

You don’t have to gush about HOW AWESOME WE ARE (though I won’t stop you!)  even if you don’t have a lot of time, just a link to www.grouchymuffin.com works! 

I promise you’ll still get street cred for finding me FOIST. So take this as an opportunity to show off to your friends that you know how to waste time, and sling baby crap IN STYLE!

Let’s take our message of foolery and honesty about Angry Babies to the streets!

 YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO Michael McDonald!

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