Coast the rest of the day?? Piece of Cake!

 Woo hoo, almost time to toss another crap day into the crap wastebasket! How ’bout we round out our day of celebration(!) with some cake! BIRTHDAY CAKES to be exact!

Who's Walter? And why did he "icing bomb" this cake?

 Actually, now that I think of it…I’m less concerned about Walter, and more worried about the cancer that INSANELY BRIGHT neon icing might cause.


Due to the condition of this cake, the price was slashed! HEEEEEYYYY-OOOOO

 On first glance I thought this said “Happy Killing.” That being said: I NEED THIS BIRTHDAY CAKE! (don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty -o-notice!)

At least her name wasn't Kimothy.


And finally a SUPER RAD CAKE!



Fooled ya! What an awesome cake!!!!!!

What’s that sweetie pie? I’m sorry, one more time honey bun….You can’t have cake?! Well, why didn’t you say so! Just for the CAKE HATERS here are some funny cake mishaps for your laffin’/ viewing pleasure.

And here’s to no lung capacity whatsoever!!!! (count how many breaths it takes for him to blow out the candles!)

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