AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL: Postpartum Depression

Cue the Deep End...

The I Love Lucy-like drama I had this morning has my routine waaaaay off. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got nothing but gratitude that all was returned back to normal in my kitchen fairly easily…but I’m still off.

Perhaps it is the adrenaline come down talking, but it made think of something I wanted to ASK a few of you.

Welcome to a very special post of…anytime we need to look at serious topic (aka bummer central) we’ll be doing an “Afterschool Special Post,” that way if you’re not interested in deep end swimming, you can skip on to more foolish posts of ours!

Today’s  Afterschool special is all about POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION or as I like to call it: Po’-Part!

Ladies who’ve had the blessing(!) of Postpartum Depression: how long did it take for you to conquer it?

I just ask because like a real nitwit, a FRIEND of mine went off her prescribed post-partum tic-tacs. This FRIEND was reminded by some people close to her that she was nutty as a pecan cluster (Mmmm, pecan clusters!)and STILL NEEDED HER MEDICINE.

My friend agreed because those awful feelings that “her daughter didn’t love her,” crept back up into her gourd in a matter of 5 days sans medicine. The melancholy and detachment returned as if my FRIEND had just given birth. Did I mention my FRIEND’S Baby is 7 months old? One would think my friend was correct in assuming “Po’-Part” had left the building. What gives?

How long did you have to punch it in the chestnuts before it finally left? Anyone have the chops to chime in…other than haters and idiots laffing at “punch it in the chestnuts” (not you, you’re no idiot… I’m talking about those other people!)

Ok. Enuff deep end…Here’s something sure to cheer you up: NUTSHOTS!!!!!!!!!


AFTER SCHOOL SPECIAL: Postpartum Depression — 2 Comments

  1. About a year- but I wouldn’t worry if it takes you longer. I tried getting off my meds around 7 months post-partum actually, and got back on too! I SLOWLY weaned myself off the meds after about a year, and it was a cinch. I feel like myself again. An even better version because I’m a mom!! Stronger than I ever thought I could be!
    Remember that those blinking hormones are the devil and you will beat it- don’t feel like you failed. Take your time! XO

  2. I took like half a sample pack of my meds that I didn’t ask for until he was already 6 months old. So, it took me until he was about 2.5. So, that being said, I highly recommend getting meds from the getgo and staying on them as long as you need to. I think it can go on for sooooo much longer if left untreated.

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