From the Swiss Diaper Bag of a Momgyver

Sweet Tea Not Pictured

Like I’ve written before, I am really loving the advice you fine folks are posting in the comments and emailing/messaging me. Not a drop is going to waste, we here at HQ are diligently working to BRING and SHOWCASE it all! Here’s a message I received from a  MA-Gyver, she’s a real sweet glass o’ tea ! She writes:

Girl, I hope that you can find a few hours to get some rest soon! Not that my
way is the right way (LOL) but does she have tummy troubles? see if holding her
face down cradled in your arm with the pressure of her laying her tummy on your
arm helps.. When mine were little, I put a tabletop fan in their rooms, it
created a soothing “hummmm” sound and they actually still like it today. Maybe
she is waking herself up and needs a soothing sound? Trust me on those
“heartbeat bears” that mimic the sound of a heartbeat… THEY DON”T WORK. lol. I
hope she calms for you soon sweets!!!

Thanks Sweet Tea! Your WHOLE LETTER was chock-filled with GREAT TIPS! True Story: while creating this post I was going to “highlight all the good tips,” only to realize the whole dang thing was gold!

Raise your lunchtime can of Slimfast delicious wonder of culinary design, to Sweet Tea, a true MA-GYVER! (hey, momgyver already exists, I checked.)

(thanks Tammy!)

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