TEEF TERROR 2011: About last bite

Steppin' out with my L4L, sorry dudes, I'm taken.

As reported yesterday, I was whisked away on a break from lil’ Buttcheeks and squired around town while Granny dealt with SWEETCHEEKS. Yeah, Angry Baby became “Happy Giggly Talky Baby,” for Granny. I’m glad because my mother in law was nice to take her while we traipsed about, and was relieved she didn’t have a night of screaming,vomit and clawing. AKA every night that ends in “Y” around here.

First, we went out for Indian. It was a wonderful, lively meal that lived up to all hype. I found the plot lines  meal to be perfectly seasoned, delicious and full of robust jokes flavor. I was laughing in the aisle cheering for more! It was the feel good Tikka Masala of the year. True Story: I took a picture of my meal, because one day I’ll erect a statue in its honor. The artist can’t render from the contents of my stomach!  As we finished our meal, we strolled out the theatre restaurant hand in hand, laughing and relaxed from the awesome 90 minutes we had just had.

Huh? I can’t make out what you’re saying. Roovy? What? Dooby!? OH THE MOVIE! How was the movie, Crib Keeper? Did ol’ gurl slam it home for the win? (getyourmindoutofthegutter)

I’m sorry, I’ve been doing a terrible job of diverting your attention. Real Talk: Bridesmaids was a letdown. The truth is, I’ve never wanted to love a movie more. It just wasn’t that good. Not going to crank out a bunch of hack jokes, I’m actually kinda bummed about it. It’s never fun when people you are really rooting for (Wiig AND Apatow,) produce something you can’t jump all in behind. So here, is my non-zippy uncreative list:

1. It was not very funny. Yes, there were two laugh out loud moments. Two is not a lot, especially when you consider I was LOOKING to laugh riotously.

2. It was kinda sad, I left bummed. Nobody dies or anything, but it’s just the whole movie is about what an UNSUCCESSFUL(!) POOR(!) LOSER(!)  K-Wiig is. NOTE: She does shine when given room to do her thing: the nervous, jittery, uncomfortable lady who breaks out into weird dances is there for brief moments.

3.The cast has some potentially hilarious characters that aren’t really ever developed. It feels like a movie with great bones and potential that never takes off. But what do I know?

All I know is I would have been pleased with a parking lot surveillance camera video loop being shown for 2 hours. Though the movie really didn’t bring the ha-has, I had a blast regardless.

Bottom line: Rent it. Or go see it. Or take a whiz on the newspaper ad for it. I would describe it best as a “Meh-Comedy.” Meaning, it’s funny at parts but mostly the mood is “Meh, it’s whatever life sucks…until it doesn’t all of a sudden because a MAN likes me Y’ALL.  Only I don’t like him because he’s TOO PERFECT for me, but it all works out somehow in the end.” Fin.

Yay for smart quirky female cast driven bawdy comedies about love! If only this had been one.

Side Note: There was a little family, a Mom and Dad with an INFANT(!) in the theatre. They sat in the front and you wouldn’t have known they were there except that they would take lil’ bambino out when baby would get the slightest bit fussy (I’m guessing baby was 4 months TOPS.) I counted at least 2 said trips.

What was cool is that 1. they had the strength to go to a movie, let alone WITH THE BABY!! 2. They sat far away from everyone, no one heard the baby most didn’t even notice, but you know how we new mammas do! We’re psychic and can sense others misery JOY! Anyway, I sincerely HOPE they found the movie hilarious and worth the schlep. Good on them and GOOD LUCK BRAVE ADVENTURERS!


And to those of you who schlep, get a sitter, or scrape up the nerve to go to a “chick flick” alone: I sincerely hope you find it funny and all you’d hoped it would be. Prove me wrong people, I SO BADLY WANT TO LIKE THIS MOVIE! I’ll be giving it a re-watch on ye Olde Netflix just to make sure.

I’m off to get some Religion, later kiddies!


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  1. You deceived my reaction to Bridesmaids perfectly! I haven’t been that amped up for a movie in sooo long and was so let down. Then again maybe the reason I was so excited was due to the fact that I hadn’t been to a movie theater since b.b. ( before bambino) love your blog, keep it up!!

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