TEEF TERROR 2011: Saturday Night Teether

Hittin' the town tonite! Peace out, Kiddo.

Lover fo’ Life (L4L) comes in and says, “we’re going over at Ma’s tonight at 5pm.” “Ok, why, what are we doing?” “You and I are going out to dinner and a movie, I’m taking you to see Bridesmaids.”

For those of you unfamiliar with L4L, he is the white to my black on the Backgammon board of life. He is reserved, analytical, kind, gracious and understated. He enjoys cat bloopers, where I can’t get enough nutshot vids.

One thing we share is a love of Judd Apatow,though his is not as long and deep as mine (getyourmindoutofthegutter.) What I’m trying to say is: I’VE BEEN A FAN OF HIS SINCE FREAKS AND GEEKS STARTED! I like to throw around that because, NOBODY watched it originally, otherwise it WOULD STILL be on and awesome. Freaks and Geeks: Goes Hawaiian…Freaks and Geeks: The College Years… I’m straying off topic.

Out of nowhere he decided (by no prompting) that we needed to ditch the kid with Grouchy Granny, and hit the town to watch my homegurl Kristen Wiig (hopefully) KILL IT.

Well, Bully on YOU Crib Keeper, what about ME!? What does you getting a much-needed and deserved break because you are a true study in motherhood perfection, do for ME?

I’m so GLAD you asked. I’m going to watch and tell you if it’s worth the $72.35 per movie ticket. Of course, as a MOM I don’t expect you to take my advice, heck, you could play in the street for all I care (I do, don’t.) If it’s awesome you might decide a Mini-Vacation from your (Angry Baby, job, pets etc…) is in order. If the flick is so-so, You can bide your time watching FREAKS AND GEEKS on IFC until the DVD is released. If it sucks completely, you can save your money for the next Will Ferrell flick.

I’ll be back in a mere Saint’s whisper my darlings! Actually…it’ll be awhile it’s the weekend (unless for YOU it’s not!) YAY YAWL!!!!!!

In honor of the Hero to My Supervillain, here are some CAT BLOOPERS!

And for the Jerks like me who LOVE NUTSHOTS hereyago!!!!

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