Oh hail naw it’s way too early for this…

Leave me ALONE! Haven't you heard of BEAUTYREST!?

Kid, not now…GO BACK TO SLEEP ANGRY BABY! I’m still trying to shake off the WILD TIMES I had last night(!) It was a real BARNBURNER of a FRIDAY NIGHT!  Nachos+a crusty old  episode of Top Chef Masters+Screaming Baby= Party Town, USA!

Here’s to all of us out there this morning who are staggering around bleary-eyed, smelling of another person’s puke… Be you a parent, raging skank, or a big fat party animal, Y’ALL ARE THE REAL HEROES!

To US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's orange juice, I swear!

Now, who wants some donuts?

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