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Tip o' the Stetson FOR LIFE goes to Will

I was a HUGE fan of the American version of the Office for YEARS!

True story: I was a Steve Carrell fan prior for his AWESOME job as a correspondent on the Daily show! I made all of my friends watch the Office, season one because I wanted to do all I could to make sure Steve Carrell’s “new show” was SUCCESSFUL! So now that I think of  it, I AM SOLEY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE OFFICE BEING A HIT!

Sadly, the Jim and Pam having a baby storyline, kicked me in the ladynuts (at the time we were in year 2 of TTC!) so I stopped watching. I was a fool. Thankfully, because I am such a WILL FERRELL JUNKIE-you could say I go FERAL for FERRELL! (Crowd starts to throw tomatoes) I started watching the Office again recently to catch his guest star story line. If you haven’t watched in a while, no worries the episodes are funny enough to stand on their own! Don’t believe me, watch for yourself!!!

See!? It’s no wonder he was awarded the MARK TWAIN PRIZE! Oh yeah he was, here’s an Article for the Christian Science Monitor, giving a not so subtle side eye towards my Will, and some snobbish professor type expounds to round (rhyme and it stays) out the shade throwing. TOO BAD! HE’S ALREADY GOTS IT! No quitsies or takebacks!


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