Donut? Do nut mind if I do. has our 1st OH SNAP! shot Submission! What’s an OH SNAP! shot? Simply put, it is anything YOU take a pic of that causes you or someone seeing the pic to say, (you guessed it) “Oh snap!”

This is from a Momgyver I like to call  “All Natural,” because she had her adorable son, ALL NATURAL. Take a peek:

All Natural’s son had Donuts for breakfast the other day…

Someone went nuts for donuts!


Can I be real with you for a minute? 1. Her floor is STILL cleaner than mine is right now and 2. I really would eat all of those donuts off the floor if I were in her shoes. What is wrong with me? Oh that’s right, NOTHING. I just refuse to waste good donuts.

(thanks All Natural!)

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