Hired her JUST for this MILESTONE

Hear that!? It’s HQ CELEBRATING! What are we celebrating on this AWESOME Friday the 13th!? HIT 2000 hits this morning! Just 4 days after we hit our first 1k! What can I say but: WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!  I said Monday, “Let’s see where this goes,” and BOY DID WE! You showed me it goes STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!

Grouchymuffin is a ROCKETSHIP to the STARS and theres PLENTY-O air for ALL OF US. Up, up and away! Next week, Momma Crib Keeper is taking TO THE STREETS!

YOU got in on the ground floor, and YOU are what keeps me going. I’ve had a surpreme BLAST (rocket pun and it stays.) And WE’RE just starting to LAUNCH !!!!!! Feel free to continue wasting your precious time here with me and Angry Baby…I’ll be calling on YOU to help spread the word (link love) next week, but today, right now? IT’S FRIDAY! LET’S GET OUR PARTY ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU RULE!


HAY Y'ALL I JUST LOVE Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-The Crib Keeper (AKA the Luckiest Lugnut in the game!)

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