I'm AWESOME, Chumps!

I’m probably tempting the fates by openly bragging, but heck, if I jinx it I end up with SWEET material so I’m just going to brag. Wait, can I just say how AWESOME BRAGGING feels. It’s like scratching your ear with a Q-Tip, you know you should stop, but it just feels SO AWESOME!

I of course don’t brag anymore(!) because Motherhood has made me a CHANGED WOMAN(!!) I’m so selfless and humble and saintly since Angry Baby was born…frankly put:I’m the MOST HUMBLE PERSON I KNOW.

As I was saying, Allow me to brag: ANGRY BABY has been a HUMAN today! I schlepped her to lunch (At CHEZ DONALDS!) And she was sweet! She was nice to  Chi-Town (SHE LET CHI-TOWN LOVE ON AND HOLD HER!), she only scowled 94.75% of the time…IT WAS WONDERFUL!

Your teething tips are WORKING! We’re making progress and (hopefully!) TEEF TERROR 2011 will continue to be somewhat BEARABLE!

Oh boy. I hope I didn’t open up a flood of ANGRY BABY WRATH. Hubris, thy name be Crib Keeper!!!!!!!!!!!!

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