Double your Pleasure.

Double the Fun

Not ONLY is it Friday, but it’s FRIDAY THE 13th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A day ghouls like yours truly, enjoy for the 1. horror undertones and 2. the UNLUCKY CURSED aspect of it. Horror and unlucky curses =TODAY IS A PERFECT DAY to have a TEETHING CHICKWEED for a daughter!

The blood curling screams (yells of frustration) make for a nice touch. Side note: after years of being the weird lady with creepy taste in my neighborhood, now I’m ALSO the house with the SCREAMING BABY SOUNDTRACK!!!!  You can hear her all the way out to the curb…just the other morning Trent Reznor knocked on my door and asked if he could record in my spare bedroom, it’s THAT horrific here at Angry Baby Manor.

On this fine FRIDAY THE 13th,  Let’s celebrate that you aren’t me. Hear that? It’s angry baby. She’s waking up for:  TOOF TERROR 2011 DAY 2.

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