Those Fools.

This is no way to treat a GODDESS

Excuse me, could you pass the table salt? I need to rub more salt in this wound ABC inflicted on my soul a few weeks back, when they announced ALL MY CHILDREN was going off the air later this year(!!!) Oh wait. Nevermind, THE EMMY PEOPLE DID IT FOR ME.

Yesterday the American Academy of wingnuts, idiots and fools who don’t know a thing Emmy officially sounding stuff, announced the nominations for 2011’s Daytime Emmy Awards. A bunch of people and shows were nomin…you know what!? It doesn’t matter. THEY DIDN’T NOMINATE SUSAN LUCCI for her portrayal of ULTIMATE AMERICAN LITERARY HEROINE, Erica Kane!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is unspeakable. THIS WAS LUCCI’S YEAR. It was her last elligible year to add another ERICA KANE engraved Emmy to her mountain. Don’t these FOOLS know that everything I learned about LIVING MY LIFE was gleaned from ERICA KANE! Her contribution to The Crib Keeper’s DNA is worth an Emmy crusted with diamonds dipped in platinum. (to match her headpiece below)

RIP Palmer Courtlandt. You'll never be forgotten as many mother's named their kids after you ...but won't admit to it. (Tangental Caption)

I just can’t. It burns too much, oh it burns. Hate on me ABC? fine…but Emmy folks, don’t you DARE slight my LUCCI!

Here’s an extra slice of shade comin’ your way courtesy of La Lucci in a TURBAN! (All photos © ABC)

Snitch, please.

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