LEGO my Sanity…TEEF TERROR 2011 DAY 1


There isn’t enough I can say about how awesome LEGOS are. Sure, If you are a parent with LEGO-aged children, they are little bits of death to the soles of your barefeet on a saturday afternoon (at least that’s what they were in my house.) But the LEGO is the BEST TOY EVER. It’s not even open for discussion. Actually go for it: BRING IT ON INTERNETS! Prove that there is a better toy.

In the event there IS a better toy and I concede (YEAH RIGHT, NEVER!), you will be named Toy Czar of grouchymuffin, all of us will bow in your word and hang on your very presence. YOU ALSO GET A MYSTERY PRIZE(!)*

It probably wouldn’t shock you to know I have a MASSIVE footlocker filled with thousands of LEGOS…all of our childhood sets (there were 3 of us,) were combined into a massive pile o’ fun that the Crib Keeper crew pulls out on occasion and has what we call, “LEGO Fest.” I’m veering off topic…

This Man, BENNY BRICKSTER, is an ARTIST(!) and his canvas is LEGOS.

I told you uncultured swine out there (No not you, I’m talking to THEM!), that from time to time I would share ART(!) with you. Drink it in People, this steaming cup of radical LEGO artistry, isn’t going to last forever. He’s created a HALO Master something or other… I’m not even going to pretend to be interested in the details, I need to find a way to construct one of these todaymight need a few extra bricks to compensate for this delicious honeybun I’m about to make a martyr.

Try this at home!!

More photos and explaination at my favorite LEGO BLOG (they exist!!)

FUN FACT: Change one letter in the following parentheses and it changes the whole meaning: (thanks Derrick, your nets are filled with gold)


You Sickos! I said FUN FACT, Not TRY THIS! (Seriously, THANKS D!)

*Mystery prize is a teething near- 7 month old.

(Oh stop it Mims, I’m only kidding.-TCK)

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