And so shines a good deed in the weary world.

Listen up Dah-lings!

I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of support, tips, ideas, anecdotes and personal experiences all of you have shared with me. All you have to do is look at the comment board for my post titled, “Give it to me,” to see your QUICK RESPONSE to my call for advice, but what you may not know is that many other people wrote emails and contacted me through Facebook. It was a tidal wave of love, support, advice and gems of wisdom. This is probably the only time today I’m going to be sincere and actually string two intelligible words together (more on that later!) and I want to make sure, right off the bat, that those two words are THANK and YOU.

I’m taking time to thoughtfully respond to and utilize your comments, I don’t want to churn and burn through them… some of your gems of wisdom are newly minted  MOMGYVER NINJA TIPS(!) others will pop up in posts, etc. The point is, I want to share your knowledge. Don’t worry, your identity won’t be put out on front street (unless you want it to be!)

THANK YOU again for your overwhelming response, in the course of a morning, I was able to be put at ease with a multitude of your options and remedies. BEST PART:  I didn’t have to call my pediatrician, which is good because I like to pretend I’m the level-headed(!) sane and rational (!!) low-maintenence Mom (!!!)  Shhhhhh….it’ll be our little secret.


The Crib Keeper

Enough of this Sappy jazz, I’ve already done my Mascara and Eyeliner for the day (black, of course.)

(photo: Walt Disney Company.)

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