All the More Reason He Needs to Direct Angry Baby’s Baptism Video

On this very special episode of the Golden Girls!


He’s the greatest director  of all time(!) He’s the greatest SCREENWRITER of all time(!!) He’s A 70’s POPCULTURE encyclopedia*(!!!) If you’re sensing a trend here, you are correct: HE CAN DO NO WRONG in the Crib Keepers mind, heart and State of Texas. Haters, keep on trucking to another post, might I suggest: HATERS

Now he can add heartwarming flamer (not what it sounds like) of dreams…one of the greatest sites: has uncovered a 1996 note he wrote (rhyme and it stays) to a then 13-year-old female fan. This guy just won an OSCAR for MELTING MY TINY SHRIVELED HEART!!!!!!!


PS: Why don’t you know about ? IT RULES

(via buzzfeed) (photo:

*Very smarty set of books folks purchased (and did not use) before the internet

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