Tears of Joy

(Roy Lichtenstein Rules.)

So the LUCKY JERKS in Frisco, TX just recently got dropped into BURGER HEAVEN! In-N-Out opened a location in Frisco (AKA Burger Bragging Town.) Well, the Dallas Observer blog has a nifty little blurb about the opening day (link below.) Amid all the excitement and hurrahs, was a delicate flower of a soul who just couldn’t take the overwhelming emotion of eating an In-N-Out BURGER! Don’t judge. I would be snorting/snotting like it was Terms of Endearment up in that place had I been in her shoes: SHE’S ONLY 5 minutes AWAY!  There are many things beautiful in this world, but rare (meat pun and it stays) is the delight greater than a DELICIOUS HAMBURGER! here’s the post WITH the Dallas Morning News’ footage of this model HUMAN.


Tip o’ the Stetson to this fragile, beautiful specimen of a burger lover, and a T.o.t.S to the gentleman in the background trying to console/ egg her on. A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN.

Tip o' the Stetson to you both!

(Thanks Matt!)


Tears of Joy — 4 Comments

  1. whaaaat?! I live 3 mins f/there and the news is broken by The Crib Keeper herself. Well done Mrs.mistresses of the Intranetz.
    Y’all come visit now, ya here!!

  2. Who needs California’s “hamburgers” when we’ve got Whataburger! Also, I have Dan’s & Your Mom’s at my disposal.


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