Not really sure what’s going on here…

Oh, the things I come across when  scraping the bottom of the barrel  searching the internet for valuable time-wasting information and idiotic posts. The following was a feature photo on an Ad for:


More Um than Yum

In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE, I have to admit CANDY BUTTONS(!) are an all-time favorite of mine. There’s just something about food coloring, hardened sugar blobs, and paper that has me shooting rainbow spitwads of joy!

THIS is considered a “Hot Shoe” these days? Granted, I’m a klutz and heels usually = traction for me, but EVEN I know this is NOT HOT…Delicious? Perhaps. But these are not Sexay. Not at all.

If you wear them, do they come with some sort of protective wrapper to keep your SWEET heels clean? so you can eat the buttons later (sans sidewalk gum or pavement grit.)

What about foot sweat? (you’d be surprised how many times I’ve typed/said that sentence in my life.) I mean let’s just PRETEND that my feet poured buckets when confined in a shoe…let’s just continue this PRETEND exercise and imagine that same foot in, say…August. This delicious HOT(!) shoe would essentially become a Hoover Dam of foot sweat! (Ew.) I need to be confident that my $39.99 (for the HOT SHOES) wouldn’t go to a satin sweat wicking disaster that makes my candy buttons(!) taste salty.

Oh, I’m sorry is it still lunchtime?


I was obsessed with these beauts, so I decided to click on the Ad photo. WAY TO GO ADVERTISING GURUS!!!! Your ad worked. Unfortunately, there were no Candy button shoes actually for sale, ’twas mere trickery. I’m crushed.

Incase you were wondering, after a little “research,” I found that the shoe was part of  Recording Artist and Popular Music Sensation Katy Perry’s wardrobe. I learned about this on a KATY PERRY COSTUMES blog a site devoted to Katy’s Costumes and DRESSING LIKE KATY PERRY(!)

Here is the site:

Don’t get too excited fashionistas and chesty aspiring songbirds, the site hasn’t posted since August.

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