All-Time High Hits! (Not what it sounds like.)

My HERO! Ya'll are KNOCKOUTS!!!

Woooooooooooooooo Hooooooooooooooooooo! We are CELEBRATING this mornin’ at HQ! Why? Because of YOU, my darling readers and contributors! Yesterday, due to your hard work(!) and clicks, GROUCHYMUFFIN.COM reached AN ALL-TIME high for number of hits in a day!!!!!

You know what you’ve done? You’ve HUMBLED ME! Sure, it’s NEAR impossible to do, but YOU did it! Your support and wonderful feedback has brought a tear to my eye (I don’t cry tears, just diamonds!)

I couldn't do it without YOU!

Since you are living it up here at grouchy muffin, the least I can do is continue to provide you with crap read/watch while you should be doing that other crap(! ) True Story: Crap was a bad word in my house growing up because ‘the meaning was the same’ as, well you know. 

The following video is how I feel inside right now. This dude has my inner emotions pegged.

To the readers of!! May your Wednesday be WACKY, WILD AND WONDERFUL!

♥ The Crib Keeper

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