You Know You Need This…

Awwwww Yeah!!!!!!!


I thought I would cement this as the BEST DAY OF YOUR WEEK SO FAR (!) by passing on this lil’ tidbit of info…

Season two of Webster, the CLASSIC(!) television situational comedy, starring EMMANUEL LEWIS(!!) is on DVD today!!

Just to save you some time I included the following link to so you can SNATCH IT UP!

I decided to also include the theme song to Webster, because you aren’t as chalk-filled with usless knowledge as I AM(!) SPOILER ALERT: I know every word to this theme song (and all other shows)…more on that later. Now it can be stuck in BOTH of our heads!!!

Quick story about Emmanuel Lewis: I have a GORGEOUS friend who MET THE MAN HIMSELF!!!! Yes, indeedie she met him while workin’ it(getyourmindoutofthegutter!) she was tending Bar, and claims to have not washed her hand since (attempts to fashion a ‘dirty Martini’ joke, thinks better of it.)

(for Bex)


You Know You Need This… — 2 Comments

  1. I had already promised myself I would not go to Target this week. However being in possession of such information is going to force me to break said promise. I foresee myself breaking out the shiniest shoulder-padded blouse I own, grabbing a handle of white zin, and channeling one Mrs. Katherine Calder-Young Papadapolis this evening.

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