Tonight is the Voice, AKA THE CEE-LO show!!!!

I'll use any excuse to post about this guy.

NBC’s The Voice is comin’ attcha tonite. But that isn’t why I’m posting!

CEE-LO the GENIUS is at it again! For those of you not aware: Cee-Lo, in addition to having a voice box gushing with honey-goodness, style beyond compare and AWESOME albums, HAS A HEART OF GOLD! And when you have no heart like yours truly*: A heart of GOLD is a treasure to BEHOLD! (cheesy line with a rhyme and it stays.)

Cee-Lo rewrote the song “Fluff You” for FIREFIGHTERS! I know it seems random at first, BUT CEE-LO KNOWS!! Check it:

*Author does have a heart: It’s tiny, shriveled and pumps a black viscous fluid in lieu of blood.

(Thanks Chuck!)

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