Three for the Price of one

A Yodeling Sandwich

You get three things out of this post: 1. A MOMGYVER TIP 2. A BONUS TIP and 3. I get to make something clearer to you. Three for the price of none…NICE GIG!

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you: Undercover Mother! Who is she? YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!

Just because she chooses to live her life, much like the person who styles my hair, anonymous- doesn’t mean we can’t learn from her wisdom! That’s right errbody: Undercover Mother is a MOMGYVER! And a STEALTH one at that! Without further adieu, I present to you’s SECOND MOMGYVER NINJA TIP™

Undercover Mother writes:

Keep some of these :

Keep them on or near the changing table. That way, when (not if) an unfortunate situation happens mid-diaper change, you can have baby’s feet with bottom raised in one hand and quickly grab this with the other hand to scoot right under the lil’ bottom, and continue the diaper change without baby making the situation worse by wiggling & squirming in their own pee/poop. Then after you’ve got baby all diapered and clothed, set him/her in the crib while you change the changing pad and get it all cleaned up. These can go in the washer.

Double duty – when (again…not if) baby has a god-awful diaper rash and you’d like to let his/her little bottom breathe with some diaper free time, he/she can lay on this and there’s no peeing through the blanket.

Great Tip! I am definately picking up some of these!  I had no idea they existed which is why I have a subtip that differs, however now that I know about these I am going to pick these up instead!

Subtip is on the same lines as the previous, seems silly sharing it now, BUT A headline promise is a promise… Disposable plastic-backed pads that you can buy by the 30+ pack at the Pharmacy $8.00 for a pack that lasts for months I have only purchased 2 in 7 months. They are in the home healthcare section and you most likely used a version of them while in the joint squeezing your miracle out. I have one in MY swiss army bag at all times, makes public changing not nearly as daunting (diaper bag  changing pads are tiny.)

Like I said though, Undercover mother skooled me, and I am SO buying those changing pads! Notice I didn’t even give you a link to MY idea.

Thanks Undercover Mother! (wherever you are)

And now for the 3rd In our trio of bullet points for this post: I’VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!

If you are wanting to submit tips and ideas, but are concerned about sharing your identity or the world finding out you waste your time at a dump like this: YOU TOO CAN BE LIKE UNDERCOVER MOTHER!

I already give codenames to Momgyvers, but if you are needing that extra “stealth mode momma” courtesy, not a problem. I realize that being real about anything (let alone babies) is grounds for termination for some of you (teachers!) …or at least a scowl or two hundred from your In-Laws! I believe in GIVING EVERYONE CREDIT for what they submit, and I also believe YOU have the right to control how I dispense it. Ok, enuff official sounding shizzzz…I’ve got a screamin’ baby to wrangle!

Happy Tues(OR Threes!)day!

♥ The Crib Keeper

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