Slooooowing Down? TUES THE EXTREME isn’t over!!!!!!!!!!


Tsk Tsk Tsk…I see you nodding off from boredom! Look, refreshing a million times, isn’t going to make the minutes pass any faster!!! So rev it up! First, here’s a neat SLOW-MO Vid…

C’mon guys we’re almost there! YOU CAN DO it!!!!

To help cheer you on, here’s the most non-climactic 80’s motivational SONG ever.

Why look, It’s FRANCIS BUXTON from PEE WEES BIG ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Greatest Film EVER MADE!)

OK Here’s how you GO TO THE EXTREME:

It’s the final countdown to 5!!!!!  LET’S END IT RAWKING!!!

FYI: I typed this one-handed… with Angry Baby in the other hand!!! TOP THAT!!!!


Slooooowing Down? TUES THE EXTREME isn’t over!!!!!!!!!! — 2 Comments

  1. Hey “Muffin,” long-time reader, first time commentator! BTW, I’d like to give a shout out to all the beautiful mothers out there! If you’re single, hit me up!!
    …ok, now on to business, great post! So few interwebians can express the Extreme Comparison between “Teen Wolf” and “Final Countdown” – which IMHO, is finally getting it’s long overdue recognition as an Arena Rock Anthem to be played at the climax of every sporting event!

    FYI, here are a few clips of guys making incredible catches while holding a baby at a ballgame! I think it tops your typing. But you be the judge:

    Peace out! ~D-Dub

    • Well Played D-Dub, well played. I think a Viral campaign is going to happen.. a viral to introduce you to your next ladyfriend. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Thanks for the props, and thanks for SHOWING ME UP! I think I need to share these clips with the WORLD!!!!

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