Greetings Babies!

Did you have a delicious lunch? Are you ready to get back to not doing that thing you’re avoiding??

I for one, had a delicious lunch with a friend and her son (who is a perfect gentleman!) We’ll call her Jem, (whoooaaa Jem!) She had the pizza, and I had the SCREAMING BABY IN THE CORNER(!!!)

So, let’s jump right back in!

In comment to the post I did titled, “Chocolate-Covered Yelly Bean,” My retinas scortched I read the following as it slithered came into my inbox:

Dear Crib Keeper,
Karma can harma you. As the original, you were also the original Picasso of blow outs! Don’t blame that precious baby for karma you racked up and deserved.  Even though they have totally reengineered the disposable diaper, the karmometer is still showing many more blowouts before the potty chair takes over for your lap.

Well, I knew it wouldn’t take long. It appears Angry Baby went out and got herself a little “street team,” AKA a band of internet minions that support her STRUGGLE and wish to suppress my real talk-itry.

This obviously is a false acusation cooked up to make me feel like I am somehow deserving of being a living baby toilet. LIES! LIES! DEFAMING, LIES!

Remember Folks, The Internet is FULL of HATERS!

Don’t let angry baby’s supporters fool you, I’m a SAINT! firstonetodisagreegetsapunch I NEVER took multiple crumbs on my mums (scatological rhyme and it stays.)

I challenge each and every one of you to shake YOUR haters off…FIGHT THE HATE LIKE BRAD PITT FIGHTS “the hot!”

-The Crib Keeper aka Angry Baby’s favorite dumping ground.

(for the woman who thought a WIPE WARMER was essential)

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