Cute Stuff Always Helps.

The artist in this piece captured the essence of how my Monday went.

Yesterday kinda blew for me. Angry Baby was aloof and took a big hit(add an S) on me, I don’t mind it when she is screaming (read:90% of the time) she’s angry, I feel her pain. But when she’s aloof, it bums me out beyond measure. No eye-contact, very few laughs or giggles and general disinterest. Much like what I imagine* happens when people are watching The Tonight Show With Jay Leno(!) HEEEEYYYY-OOOOOOOO! So to remove all remaining stink from yesterday, I offer these exercises in adorability: BABY FARTS! Enjoy!


*I wouldn’t know because I refuse to waste precious eyeball moisture giving that sad sack of a joke side-eye let alone watch it.

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