Okay rest of the World, Dallas is Owning YOU.


Tip o' the Stetson to T-Dog.

I am not a professional sportsy type, I’m about in the Pleistocene epoch* when it comes to my sports news. But, from what I gather crazyasabedbug Mark Cuban can pass out some “Cuban” cigars (crowd groans) today. Notice that so far in this entire post there has been not one exclaimation point real or (sarcastic)? It’s because I could give two crumbs about sports.

So congrats to you guys and gals who are into that sorta thing and are basking in the VICTORY GLOW of your team(!) winning that thing(!)

A Trophy that is given out every year at the cost of billions(!) is  NOT why Dallas is owning you this morning… T-DOG IS! What?Who?

 T-dog is a gal pal of mine (and has been for the better part of 15 years!) She’s a Dallas-Area mom o’ two sets of sweet lil’ cheeks ages 2 and 2 MONTHS (Oy.) Feel free to read all about her and become an imaginary internet amigo: http://metinthemiddle.blogspot.com/ 

Anybabies, she  gave grouchymuffin.com OUR 1st official MOMGYVER NINJA TIP SUBMISSION! Way to go T-Dog, thank you for SHARING! In honor of you, Angry Baby and I salute the entire Dallas Metroplex! Those of you reading this bogarting your awesome tricks: SUBMIT TO ME!

Here’s T-Dog’s Nugget of Gold:

“Only tip I got (for my fav tip) would be to keep a small container of diapers, wipes, and change o’clothes in trunk for when diaper bag miraculously has no diapers. It happens.”

“Only tip?” Try AMAZING IDEA! For those of you currently baking baybay bread in your ladybusiness (particularly your 1st batch,) TATOO THIS QUOTE ON YOUR PALM! oknotreallybutyougetmypoint

Diapers are like Easter Eggs, the more you have and the more places you stash them, THE BETTER FOR EVERYONE. All jokes aside (NEVER!) diapers and wipes, stashed  in various places is a LIFESAVER. You never know when and where you will need to change a HUGE HORRIBLE BLOWOUT THANKS TO THE CHEAP DIAPERS YOU DECIDED TO TRY…excuse me, I am a bit bitter at this very moment towards TARGET UP & UP DIAPERS (more on that later.)

(Thanks T-Dog!)

*when Megalodon lived according to people who are too stupid to realize Megalodon still exists (more on that later.)


Okay rest of the World, Dallas is Owning YOU. — 2 Comments

  1. And binkies (pacifiers). KP hasn’t used a binkie since he turned 1 (he is 3.5 now) and I am still finding them (and extra diapers) in old purses, in those super secret compartments in the cars, etc.

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