A Toast to…

Sometimes? Only when she's breathing!

Smell that? It’s the limitless potential of the week just waiting to take flight(!) Or, if you are me, the smell is a “late mother’s day gift” Angry Baby just made…SPOILER ALERT: It’s a massive duke.

I sincerely hope all of you had a wonderful MOTHER’S DAY weekend. However, I’m sensitive to the law of averages that states at least a couple of you spent your Mother’s day muttering expletives under your breath (be it at dear ol’ Moms, the slow as Christmas server at Sizzler, or your very own bambino.) I for one got an extree slice of angry baby…did I mention she’s into clawing faces now!? WOO HOO(!) This morning, as I glare at the screen (and snort Folger’s) I propose we toast CRAP MOMS!

The good one’s had a holiday yesterday, and the crap ones? TOTALLY OVERLOOKED!  So today let’s take some time to reflect on the ladies who deserve nothing but the best from grouchymuffin.com’s guests.

Raise your coffee mugs (filled with bourbon if you’re a crap mom!)

TO CRAP MOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not a fan of wire hangers (or children.)



Patron saint of Crap Moms, Dina Lohan.


Toddlers Tiaras and Madonna outfits at 3!




Keeping up with the Crap Mom

(Thanks Aball!)



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