Thank Goodness there is still time!

This is my FIRST mother’s day(!)

 Unfortunately, Angry Baby didn’t get the “be nice or else” memo that I was just SURE existed. In the whirlwind of family, friends, screaming, clawing, pulling of “Grouchy Granny’s” earrings…I FORGOT TO HAVE MY YEARLY MULTIPLE VIEWINGS of  The Lonely Island’s Motherlover! Thank Goodness for friends, as I was reminded JUSTINTHENICKOFTIME. BEHOLD the greatest Mother-Related Viral Video/SNL Digital short, MOTHERLOVER!

Video/Audio Not available, Chumps.

Actually, it is NSFW(!) I can’t get a clean version of the Video OR Audio so look it up for yourself, then you can’t blame me for hearing your first dirty word. Oh wait.


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