A super way to waste the day (well 20 minutes at least.)

BOW DOWN, Snitches.

As you already may know, Tina Fey gives me ladywood, (she’s the Patron Saint of Brunette Smarty Pants Moms) so it should come as no surprise that I LOVE 30 ROCK! Last Night’s Episode was PERFECT! It had: Beard Eating, Wool Executives, Kenneth in a jam and a cameo by INA GARTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ina is my personal HERO AND AN ICON (more on that later!) so “Liz Lemon” + Ina G. = An ELATED ME (cheesy rhyme and it stays.)

So, sit back relax and avoid that thing you were going to do…hey it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!!*

30 Rock – Respawn – Video – NBC.com.

*Except you Jojo, I know you have a violent dislike for 30 Rock!


A super way to waste the day (well 20 minutes at least.) — 6 Comments

  1. I just spent 30 minutes of my morning obsessing over Liz Lemon’s draped sweater in last night’s ep. Found it. Also, I love Ina. Have you ever made her lemon bars? You must!

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