Too Glorious Not to Share


 I had to share this classy and beautiful piece of ART(!) with you. I don’t care what your religious beliefs are, we all are members at the church of VELVET MASTERPIECES!

 Author’s Note: It’s too beautiful to note that the tree has developed a palsy of some sort, or that the proportion of his head to his body is almost at Angry Baby Level…nope we just need to say no more and take in the beauty. DRINK IT IN!

“But Crib Keeper, why does it have a frame just like your cheap velvet Elvis? and Why isn’t the picture head-on?”

Well, Ingrates: 1. It is a humble frame for a Humble King (of Kings.) 2. My friend snapped this in a courthouse bathroom (I crumb you not.)

You know what, Enough! You uncultured swine, you don’t DESERVE me to share this with you. Which is WHY I am going to post art I find too beautiful and classy, so I can “culture” you unwashed scumbags up.

(Author’s note: I really do own a cheap velvet Elvis with the same frame.)

(Thanks Samantha!)


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