What about the puke and screaming?

My, what a BIG BOY you are!

Hats off to Stanley Thornton, way to commit to a hobby. Who is Stanley Thornton? He is a 29 year old man-child! Young Master Stanley is large and in charge of his life, he’s decided to live (as much as he can) as a baby. I’m not going to throw shade or hate on “Infantilism,” to each his own. Everyone is nutty in their own special way. (Mmmm makes me want a Snickers bar…) Here’s the infant-lifestyle enthusiast at work on National Geographic Channel’s “Taboo,” series. (Author’s note: I NEVER STOPPED PLAYING WITH LEGOS!)

That said, I do think his authenticity needs some work. Owning special adult-sized baby gear and a beautiful “aunt,” that takes care of you is a good start. However, to achieve a realistic baby:  you’re gonna have to turn the volume UP and stop keeping food DOWN. That is if you have the BABY CHOPS  (not the same as lamb chops, Stanley.)

Somewhere out there one of you teachers is making a mental “Fat Stanley/Flat Stanley” joke.

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