I’m bringing crummy back.

I’ve learned something

I thought I would pull a Doogie Howser M.D. and reflect on a poignant thought…but before I start you should know I’m bummed I can’t get my screen to be blue and retro like his. So much for poignant.

I love Facebook, for many reasons (more on that later.) One of my favorite fb things is the first morning glance: I squint at my phone (still under the covers) as I pretend I don’t hear Angry Baby talking and cooing in her room (SPOILER ALERT: She goes from coo to POO in a matter of seconds so it is a VERY brief glance.) Below is a status update a friend of mine posted:

“What a Crummy day. Oh well, can’t win them all.”

I should let you know that this particular friend is a beautiful blonde Flight Attendant who travels the world and sees places, that would cost us thousands to visit, ON A DAILY BASIS. Just last week she posted from SPAIN. Top that.  

I like her style (and sentiment.)

I’m guilty of ranting and raving (bigshock) all over my status updates, that goes triple for when I’m having a bad day. I found it very refreshing to see a friend have a steaming load of a day and ever so gently brush it off with the term “Crummy.”


Crummy is the new Sh**ty. Crummy is such a nicer way of saying “hey world, quit taking a dump on me.” It’s versatile too! It can mean a light offense, “Hey, you ate my last Jello Puddin’ Pop! That was a crummy thing to do!” it also works for a massive gaffe, don’t believe me? “You brought me on the Maury Povich show to tell me my Dad is my Mother and my Mom is my Father!? HOW CRUMMY!” Magic.

Who’s with me? Let’s stop talking S**t and Bring the Crummy back!

(Thanks Stephanie!)



*Bonus points to the person who comes up with a JT “Sexy Back,” song parody.*

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