Age ain’t nothing but a number.

This is an "All-Ages" show


I was reading some of your feedback, when I came across a comment about in a forum, that made me realize something I wanted to clarify.

“Just wait until she hits toddler years and then preschool years.  Yes, being vomited on sucks, but being talked back to sucks worse.  I think having a 3-year-old is like having a 13-year-old with zero censor. ”

Good(?) News: “Angry Baby” can be ANY age!  As they said in the classic film, Poltergeist: “All children are welcome!” So, pour me a glass of your thoughts, share some of the (future) horror stories I can look forward to. We all deserve a place where we can be real about babies, even when they grow up and are: toddlers, children, tweens, teens, pets, annoying co-workers

And just incase you guys were wondering… getting puked on is not a big deal. It kills me a little inside that I just typed that because at one time I DID feel like being puked on was A HUGE DEAL. (thanks for desensitizing me, baby acid reflux!)

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